Latino Court Officers Society Founders

Inspiring Latinos in the New York State Courts

Discover the journey and dedication behind the formation of the Latino Court Officers Society, a symbol of representation and strength in the New York State Courts.

Photo left to right: Rafael Nieves, Anthony Vazquez, Jessica Hernandez, Erica Prosper

Our Story

We are the initial directors of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Latino Court Officers Society, Inc., a.k.a. LCOS. Before LCOS started, Anthony Vazquez introduced Jessica Hernandez to Erica Prosper at a Jets outing in September 2016. Erica insisted we start something to help represent Latinos in the New York State Courts. She yearned for a voice at the table because she did not see anything happening. With Anthony’s help, he invited Rafael Nieves into our group, and Jessica sought her dear friends Betty Lugo and Carmen Pacheco, who were then lawyers, to get the ball rolling.

Erica and Jessica spent countless hours working on the constitution and bylaws, designing the logo, and developing the Society’s name, colors, etc. We became incorporated in September 2017 and obtained our 501(c)3, while Anthony and Ralph selected a team of Executive Board members. Determined and proud, we ultimately founded LCOS and gave it a face that has given us a considerable following in the New York State Courts and beyond.

We are here to inspire, empower and to make a difference in the Latino community of the Unified Court System!


Moments of Pride, Strength & Unity

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