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Upcoming Classes

Classes start at 6:30 pm and end around 8:00 pm. Some classes may go beyond 8:00 pm.

Work Responsibilities of NYS Court Officers and Sergeants

Sections 1.00 and 14.00

July 23, 2024

Search Procedures, Security Procedures, Handling of Evidence and Contraband

Section 2.00 (possibly some of 3.00, 5.00 and 9.00)

July 30, 2024

Handling of Prisoners

Section 3.00

August 6, 2024

Uniform and Equipment Regulations

Section 4.00

August 13, 2024

Jury Supervision

Section 5.00

August 20, 2024

Rules for Possession and Control of Firearms

Section 6.00

August 27, 2024

Use of Force

Section 7.00

September 3, 2024

Emergency Responses: Building Evacuation Procedures & Emergency Preparedness Planning

Section 8.00 (Emphasis on 8.25 & 8.26)

September 10, 2024


Section 9.00

September 17, 2024

Standard Reports & Written Communication

Section 10.00 & Lesson Plan on Preparing Written Material

September 24, 2024

ICS-100, ICS-200 and IS-700 (NIMS)

FEMA materials and lesson plan

October 1, 2024

Instruction on Supervision

Most effective, least effective.

October 8, 2024

Scheduling and Organizing Information

Assigning a schedule and making decisions based on a set of policies, rules and, procedures.

October 10, 2024


Who wants to be a NYS Court Officer Lieutenant?

October 15, 2024

Final Practice Exam

Our final practice exam is to evaluate your strengths and what needs to be improved.

October 17, 2024

The Exam is on October 19